Built in Qi Charger in a Mouse Pad

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It is always a hassle to bring out your charging cable and connect your Apple iPhone 8  or Galaxy S6 (and up) whenever you arrive to your workstation or at your work space in the comfy of your home. Good thing there is a wireless charger that can be used to support the latest Samsung or IPhone models today that is capable of wireless charging via Qi Receiver.

Qi receiver mouse pad grande

To save space and have your mobile phone be accessible to you when you’re engage in your laptop or desktop, this Mouse Pad with built in Qi Charger is best to support your lifestyle. The Qi Charger has a kickstand to set that perfect viewing angle. This neatly designed Mouse Pad with Qi Receiver is a must have for multitasker like you.

Another thing to consider and to pair it up with your on-the-go lifestyle is this phone holder with Qi Wireless Charger which will be your best pal on the road. It can be directly connected with your USB car port to provide that 5Vdc 1.2A wireless charging capability. Product image 472600998 grandeThe wireless charger comes with a metal ring to easily connect with the phone holder.

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